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  • JOM KELLY Full Body U Shape Pregnancy Pillow
  • Cartoon Printed
  • Variation: Star/ Big Hero/ Bunny/ Giraffe/ Farm Moo/ Teddy
  • Weight: 3KG
  • Dimension: 150cm x 80cm
  • Features: Improve Sleeping, Relieve Back Pains, Prevent Malposition, Ease Pregnancy Edema, Correct Position.
  • JOM KELLY 11pcs Rainbow Non-Stick Silicone Cookware Cooking Tools Kitchen Utensils With Storage Bucket Set
  • 10PCS + Bucket
  • Features: Non-Stick/ Non-Scratching
  • Material: Silicone
  • Gift Box Package
  • Food Grade
  • High Temperature
  • High Quality Silicone
  • JOM KELLY Everrich Non-Stick Coating 7pcs Knive Set Cleaver Knife Sharpener Kitchen Tools
  • 7" Cleaver Knife + 7" Chef Knife + 3.5" Pairing Knife + Kitchen Shears + Ceramic Peeler + Finger Guard + Knife Sharpener
  • Features: Stainless Steel Blades/ Wave Design Surface/  PP Handle Non Slippery
  • Multi Usage
  • European Style Gift Box
  • JOM KELLY Koroll Ceremic Stainless Steel 4pcs Knife Set Cutting Board Kitchen Tools
  • Cutting Board + Ceramic Peeler + Cleaver Knife + Pairing Knife
  • Features: Stainless Steel Blades/ Wave Design Surface/ Non Stick Coating/ PP Handle Non Slippery
  • 30cr13 Stainless Steel
  • European Style Gift Box
  • JOM KELLY Non Slip Smart Velvet Cloth Hanger Ultra Thin Space Saving 30*23.5*0.5CM Baby and Kids Black
  • Variation: 30pcs
  • Features: Anti Slip/ Surface Velvet/ Chrome Plated Steel/ Ultra Thin/ Space Saving
  • Material: Velvet
  • Size: 30cm x 23.5cm x 0.5cm
  • JOM KELLY Non Slip Smart Velvet Cloth Hanger Ultra Thin Space Saving 42*23.5*0.5CM Adult 30pcs/50pcs Black
  • Variation: 30pcs/50pcs
  • Features: Anti Slip/ Surface Velvet/ Chrome Plated Steel/ Ultra Thin/ Space Saving
  • Material: Velvet
  • Size: 42cm x 23.5cm x 0.5cm
  • JOM KELLY 16" Kid Bicycle Rear Seat Flashing Training Wheel
  • Variation: Orange/Green/Pink
  • Weight: 10KG
  • Maximum Loading: 75KG
  • Features: Solid Frame/ Flashing Training Wheel/ Rubber Inflat Tire/ Comfy Saddle/ Safety Break/ Elegant Chain Cover/ Super Balancing
  • Suitable All Road
  • JOM KELLY Bicycle Spare Part Inner tube 12'' 14'' 16'' 20'' 22" 24'' 26'' Tiub Basikal
  • Schrader Valve
  • 20'' - 20 x 1.75/1.95
  • 22'' - 22 x 1.75/1.95
  • 24" - 24 x 1.75/ 1.95
  • School Tuition Bag, Document Bag,Student Nylon Tuition Bag,Office Hand Carry Shoulder Bag
  • Two Way Use - Hand Carry & Shoulder
  • Suitable: Tuition/ Primary School/ Out Going
  • Water Resistance
  • Material : Nylon
  • Super Fluorescent Warning Design
  • 30CM x 32CM x 12CM
  • Variation: Navy/ Pink
  • JOM KELLY Love Earth Fiber Up Organic And Natural Detox Drink Slimming Constipation Halal *FREE SHAKER
  • Organic & Natural Detox
  • Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, Protein, Iron & Potassium.
  • No Laxative
  • Made By Organic Ingredients (Organic Chia Seed, Psyllium Husk, Kiwi Juice Powder, Wheat Grass Powder)
  • 15g x 16 Sachet (1 Box)
  • JOM KELLY High Quality Inflatable U Shape Pregnant Maternity Body Pillow
  • Full Body Support
  • Flocking Fabric
  • 80cm x 140cm
  • Weight : 0.5kg
  • Easy to Carry
  • FREE Air Pump
  • Variation: Beige/ Green/ Grey/ Navy
  • JOM KELLY Premium Cartoon 10pcs Stationery Gift Set Box Primary School Gift Set Mechanical Pencil
  • Weight: 0.17KG
  • Dimension: 24.8CM x 21CM x 2CM
  • Multiplication table
  • Portable Design
  • 10Pcs Stationery Set
  • JOM KELLY Premium Cartoon Double Layer Pencil Box Free Stationery Set Primary School Pencil Case
  • Weight: 155G
  • Dimension: 21.5CMx8CM
  • Multiplication table
  • Double Layer
  • Free Stationery Set
  • Primary School Bag Large Size Primary Grade 1-4 School Student Girl Boy
  • Variation: Hero SPD/ Hero ULT/ Hero CAP/ Princess Cool/ 3 Princess
  • Weight: Bag 0.6kg
  • Dimension: 34CMx16CMx42CM
  • Easy To Climb Stair
  • Detachable Design
  • Large Capacity
  • Spinal Protection
  • Can fixed on all trolley
  • JOM KELLY Kindergarden Pre School 2 Wheel Trolley School Bag Children Travel Bag Boy Girl 
  • Variation: Pony/ Little Cat/ Unicorn/ Red Car/ Hero Iron/ Hero Ben
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Dimension: 26cm x 15cm x 35cm
  • Multiple Purposes
  • JOM KELLY 3pcs School Bag Set High Platform Thick Trolley School Bag 16 Inch Primary Grade 1- 3 School Student Boy Girl
  • Variation:Hero SPD/ Hero BT/ Hero Ben/ 3 Princess/ Little Cat/ Princess Cool
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Dimension: 30cm x 18cm x 40cm
  • High heel 6 wheel trolley
  • Easy to climb staircase
  • Detachable Design
  • Large Capacity
  • With FREE GIFT stationery pouch & tuition bag
  • Quicksand Pencil Case
  • Package Includes: Calculator, Erasable Whiteboard, Whiteboard pen, schedule, Duster rag
  • 20cm x 6.8cm