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  • Baby walker with musical board 8 PVC wheels and stopper
  • Color : Pink, Blue
  • Baby walker & rocker with 8 wheels, music and stopper.
  • Color : Blue, Orange, Pink
  • Safety first- adjustable safety strap, to ensure your child is safe on the road
  • Comfort material- to let your kid enjoy the ride
  • Space saver- foldable and easy to store
  • Colour: Blue/ Grey/ Pink/ Red
  • Measurement: Lengthx Widthx Height; 32x 22x 50cm
  • FRAME | Color BMX Frame
  • BRAKE | F/R Caliper Brake
  • CHAIN WHEEL | One Piece Crank
  • SPOKES / RIM | 36H Motor Spokes Alloy Rim
  • FRAME | Steel
  • BRAKE | Front & Rear V-Brake
  • SHIFTER | Thumb Shifter, 2x6 Speed
  • RIM | Alloy Rim
  • SPOKES | 36H Color Motor Spokes
  • COLOR | Red, Blue, Orange
  • FRAME | Steel Frame
  • CHAINWHEEL | One Piece Crank
  • BRAKE | F/R Caliper Brake
  • RIM | Alloy Rim
  • SPOKES | 28H Spokes
  • ACCESSORIES | Mudguard, Bottles, Basket
  • Improved Design Draining Rack Dish Sink Dishes Drainer + Cover
  • Variation: Pink/ Brown/ Grey
  • Weight: 1.5KG
  • Dimension: 48CMx36CMx28CM
  • Material: Food grade PP
  • Large Capacity- Suitable for 6 person family
  • Separate compartments- Easy cleaning
  • Large Capacity to storage
  • Drainage Design
  • FRAME | Steel
  • BRAKE | Front : Caliper Brake | Rear : Brake Drum
  • BRAKE LEVER | Alloy Brake Lever
  • RIM | Alloy Sport Rim
  • ACCESSORIES | Basket, Bottle

Steps for usage:
1) Add warm water 37 ° C to 45 ° C for optimum, water to the highest water level,
It is recommended to put a rag, do not let the washing machine empty.
2) into the cleaning powder, more than 8 kg of washing machine each use 1 pack,
8 kg below the washing machine each time using half packs,
Run for 5-10 minutes to dissolve the cleaning powder.
3) Turn off the power for 90 minutes to start soaking, the first cleaning recommended
Soak for 3 hours before daily cleaning.
4) 90 minutes later, according to the usual routine washing machine washing machine,
And then use the water to clean 1-2 times can be used normally.


  • Parent-Child Bike 22" Basikal Ibu Anak Basikal Family Bicycle
  • Variation: Blue/ Coffee/ Green/ Pink/ Red/ Purple
  • Material: Bake oven paint, premium quality of material
  • Product Maximum Loading: 100KG
  • Dimension: 45CMx140CMx91CM
  • Features: Non-Slip Pedal, Comfy Saddle, Non-Slip Handle, Durable Tyre
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 3 Seater Parent-Child Bike, good for a family outing
  • INSTALLATION | RM80 Per Bike, PM Customer Service for more information
  • Size
  1. Small tinggi 11.5x22x22cm 
  2. Big tinggi 15x37x37cm 
  • Variation : Small Blue /Small Red /Big Blue /Big Red
  • Material : BPA-Free Plastic


  • Air Primary School Students Trolley School Bag 6wheel Waterproof Girl Boy
  • Variation: Yellow Robot/ Blue MK/ Pink MM/ Black Pearl/ Blue Robot/ Princess C/ Hero SPD/ Pink MME/ 3 Princess/ Hero ULT
  • Weight: 2.5KG
  • Dimension: 33CMx22CMx45CM
  • Material: Nylon + Polyester
  • 6 Wheels Easy To Climb Stair
  • Detachable Design
  • Large Capacity
  • 170cm Multifunctional Wooden Frame Wardrobe 4 Hanging Rail Wardrobe
  • Variation: White Maple /Blue /Yellow Plaid /Yellow Micky /Blue Star
  • Weight: 9KG
  • Maximum Loading: 300KG
  • Dimension: 170CMx45CMx170CM
  • Side-pockets design to take small objects. 
  • The bottom is fully-enclosed to resist dirt and moisture. 
  • Water-resistant washable oxford cloth cover & PP plastic connectors. 
  • Convenient and easy to assemble. Make your home more clean and tidy. 
  • Heightened foot design to keep from water and dust. Shoes can be placed under the bottom of the wardrobe.​
  • 3 in 1 multi-fuction baby carrier: Face to face/ Face out/ Backpack
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Light weight, less than 1kg
  • Colour: Dark blue/ Red
  • Amazing 9 Tier Shoe Rack Anti Dust With Cover Rak Kasut
  • Variation: Blue Couple/ Purple Penguin/ Purple Girl/ Red girl/ Pink Pencil/ Dark Blue Rabbit/ Yellow Piano
  •  Dimension: 60CMx30CMx160CM
  • Material: Bold Galvanized Pipe/ Thick Oxford Cloth
  • Assembly housing various combination of free choice
  • Water-resistant and Dustproof
  • Quality Coating
  • Shutter Doors Simple
  • Heightening Mat More Stable
  • Each Tier can support 10kg
  • 2 in 1 fuction: Interchangeable baby rocker and kid chair
  • Support up to 18kg
  • Colour: Blue/ Pink
  • Aluminium Convertible Children Colorful Bike Bicycle Tricycle with handle BETA 
  • Variation : Purple /White /Blue /Green /Pink
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Recommended use: Below 20kg
  • Dimension: 53CMx74CMx85CM
  • Foldable Foot Pedal
  • Your child is sure to love the fun streamers and  storage bin
  • Handle grip along with the seat back makes the trike easy to carry
  • Controlled turning radius and a low center of gravity help keep the trike stable
  • Quiet wheels provide a smooth ride
  • Easy-to-carry handle grip on seat back
  • Low center-of-gravity and controlled turning radius for stability and Safety latch for security during use
  • Weight: 5kg only
  • Easy to fold/ carry/ storage
  • Wheels with stopper control
  • Measurement: Lengthx Widthx Height; 48x 57x 97cm
  • Colour: Purple/ Blue


  • Amazing 5 Tier Shoe Rack Anti Dust With Cover Rak Kasut
  • Variation: Paris Sky /Brown Chair /Green Apple /Maple
  • Dimension: 60CMx30CMx93CM
  • Material: Bold Galvanized Pipe/ Thick Oxford Cloth
  • Assembly housing various combination of free choice
  • Water-resistant and Dustproof
  • Quality Coating
  • Shutter Doors Simple
  • Heightening Mat More Stable
  • Each Tier can support 10kg
  • Swing toy with music playing fuction
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Colour: Dark blue/ Light blue/ Pink